Welcome to the Santa House!

The Nate and MaryIda Doan Santa House will open for the season on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving!

Photo by John Ehlke, courtesy of The Bay City Times

Nate and Mary Ida, founders of the Santa House in Bay City, have been personal friends of Santa Claus for more than 50 years. Nate is no longer with us and is now working full time with Santa, and Mary Ida has doubled her efforts to keep the Santa House going with help of volunteers. There is always a need for more help and donations to make sure the house is properly maintained for kids to enjoy during the holiday season.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Santa House!

  1. Carolyn "Adams" ~Rybak

    “I wish I was there to visit “Santa’s house because it is way to Hot in Sunny California”!
    “Merry Christmas Mary Ida” and to all who believe”!! 😉

  2. Carolyn "Adams" ~Rybak

    “Mary Ida, I would like to make a donation to “Santa’s House”…although I am still in California I remember all the wonderful times you and Nate have given/provided to us all”! ‘You probably don’t remember me, but we went to Visitation School together” 😉 “And we are shirttail relation”!! Hugs! If You could send me mailing info: ?

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